My Button’s Bigger Than Your One!


My button’s bigger than your one.

You’d better let me play, or else I’ll go,

And take my toys with me.

I’ve got more friends than you have.

That picture’s fake, you’ve Photoshopped in

An extra friend or three.


Vlad’s my pal and he’ll get you.

He’s got your name, and he’ll beat you up,

At the end of school tonight.

That fat, specky boy’s gonna get it,

He won’t have a clue what hit him

When we get into a fight.


See that girl in the playground?

I’ve done it with her! Oh yes, I did!

Of course, she wanted me to.

I’ll tell you how it’s done, you grab them!

Show them who’s boss, they love it,

Yeah, that’s what you do.


Don’t believe all the stories those boys tell.

They’re all liars and cheats and I’m not listening.

La la la I can’t hear you!

White is black, black is white, do you hear me?

All the adults are wrong,

Just believe what I tell you to.


I’m the head boy of the school, because

I won the popular vote, the biggest number of votes,

Despite my opponents cheating.

I’m also the head school bully,

And if you’re gay or disabled, Moslem or black,

I’ll give you a jolly good beating.


Because my button’s bigger than your one!

It is, too!

Stupid face!

You’re stupid!

Poo head!

My friends’ll beat you up, fatty, if you don’t watch out…

Nyagh! Nyagh! Nyagh!




Nobody likes me!

It’s not fair!


55 thoughts on “My Button’s Bigger Than Your One!

  1. well rhymed. I remember when I was young I used to read limericks. I believe they are of British origin and must have been popular in old days. Is it popular even now?
    BTW, the whole scenario seems to be unstable. You never know what will happen the very next minute!

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    1. I think everyone one is most worried that it’s the School Bully who seems to be unstable. Heaven knows what he’ll be up to next!

      And yes, limericks are still very popular. I’ve even been known to write the odd one myself. Thanks, Arv.

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  2. Ishaan Sharma

    I know little about american politics(or of any contry other than India, for that matter) but this was amazingly written. Hilarious as well as serious.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ishaan Sharma

        I thought he was shifting to trump tower? Or maybe I misread the news.
        Either way, I feel that the POTUS cannot be treated just as the POTUS. His actions have far reaching consequences. He must be a responsible person. Like I said, I know little about American politics, but there must certainly be something wrong, considering that everyone seems to be against him.
        Yet for some reason I hear that most american love him? Is that true?

        Liked by 1 person

                  1. Ishaan Sharma

                    I just found out Theresa May was a conservative. My worlds seems upside down. I sure need to read more.
                    Most Indians were extremely happy labours lost. Infact I hear that the association of Indians in UK called for people to not vote for labour. Labour’s stand on India was unacceptable to most. But I don’t see how it matters to India who is sitting as the PM in UK.

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