The Beastie From The Eastie

Yes, we’ve had some snow.

And oddly, despite this being the UK, lots of things are still working.

Although, to glance at the newspapers you could be forgiven for thinking the End Of The World was here.

But the sun was out this morning, so I wandered out for a bit of a bimble in the countryside.


Fresh snow always feels magical.

I suppose this is because it is a pure white, because it sparkles in the sun and even in the night time it appears to glow.

It covers things up, but sits lightly upon them.

There is a purity to fresh snow that causes the landscape to feel cleaner and purer, too.

While the snow is falling, sound seems to be muffled and absorbed, so that one exists in a silent wonderland.


It transforms a dull winter landscape into something bright and very special.

some paths are still clear

Some of the paths are still easy to find,

Some paths are less obvious

While others have become less obvious.


The animals have their own paths, that we are often unable to tread.

view 2

But there is a silence over everything, and every now and again a breath of wind sends a thousand sparkling snow diamonds drifting down through the branches of the trees.

some things are hidden

The snow hides much…


But it reveals where we have been.

Some shapes become more mysterious

And it makes some shapes more mysterious.

82 thoughts on “The Beastie From The Eastie

  1. ‘A bit of a bimble’ is the best way to explore things, I say. Gorgeous pictures, too. The media might be declaring ‘snowmaggedon’ but most sensible types seem to be rather enjoying it. Beast from the East? A scenic cold snap is more like it.

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  2. A very nice tribute to snow! A new snowfall really is magical and transforming, on holly bushes or here in the city, and I appreciate both the sparkle, and the sound-muffling qualities. (But by March, I could do with a bit less of that magic down the back of my neck and melting on my socks! 🙂 )

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  3. Fresh powdery snow is always better than any other form. Great pictures, Mick. We don’t get any here. I read in newspapers that UK has had another round of snow. Hope you are tucked inside your house, warm and comfortable.

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  4. stunning pictures mick. It looks very clean and magical. I fear you have had more snow than us and I am rather envious, although I see that we are forecast some more tomorrow, so I am keeping my sledge on the ready, just in case…

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  5. Nice photos! I’ve also been enjoying the pics and videos Friends in the North have been posting on Facebook. Well, it’s still warm down here, mostly, but I’m always partial to a good wint’ry scene. I’ve also seen some pretty spring ones – snowdrops and the like – but I suppose the poor things will now have been buried in most parts of your country.

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  6. Great photos Mick. You’re so right about the fresh snow transforming the landscape. It really seems to cleanse everything and bring quietness. Still snowing here in Bromley so the world looks fabulous currently.

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  7. Mick, lovely to join you on your walk (bimble is new to me!) It’s amazing to wander in such transformed and quiet landscape and I enjoyed its magic yesterday out in the woods. Beautiful photos capturing the serenity!

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    1. Thanks, Rupali. It is very cold – everything is iced up and the wind is freezing. More snow due over the next day or so before it gets any milder. A good time to sit inside with a book and a glass of red wine!

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  8. Beautiful photos, Mick. You’ve got a real skill there, as a keen observer and photographer of nature, scenery, and places. The Beast From The East along with Storm Emma certainly hit where I was too. In fact, today was the first day I dared to venture out with George (wheelchair). I was beginning to climb the walls.The cycleway was very slushy and a bit slippy, so I had to take it slowly especially up and downhill. After all that snow, I have to say, I’ve never been so happy to see the pavement! Stay safe and warm (I think we’re over the worst of it now), Ellie.

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    1. Thanks, Ellie. I think when you really love something, it makes it a lot easier to write about it or make / take pictures.

      Yesterday certainly saw the change in the weather here. I went out to walk to town, with just a few layers on, and by the time I returned I was far too hot. Now we have a few light showers of rain, the snow has near enough disappeared, and it feels warm outside – certainly warm compared to three or four days ago! Hopefully you’ll be able to get out and about normally, now.

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  9. I love snow when it first falls but get very tired of it when it stays for longer than a few days! This time it didn’t seem so bad.

    I shot a very short video of two partridges limping through the snow – nothing wrong with them, but they couldn’t keep their balance and kept sinking in.

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      1. Hopefully Spring’ll get stuck in, soon, though we’ve had frogs spawning which usually spells trouble as there’s usually more snow or a bad frost and they have to start again! Let’s hope this year’s different. I enjoyed your snow pics, though.

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