Just Playing…

Take one photograph, play around with it a little, create 3 new ones, all different.

Add some autumn haiku, since it’s almost spring.

That was fun.


Yellow maple leaves

Rattling wildly in the wind –

Autumn’s prayer flags



Obsession with time

Is climbing trees in autumn

To get down the leaves.



The last yellow leaf

Hovers above the brambles

Waiting for the wind.

29 thoughts on “Just Playing…

    1. Oh, that doesn’t work, Robert. they fall off again almost as soon as you’ve glued them back on. It’s a never- ending task.
      Nailing them back on works better, but it somehow never looks quite right.
      But thank you!

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  1. Mick, this was fun to read and look at as well!! I love the different effects of the pictures and your accompanying words. Particularly striking to me was the comparison of the yellow maple leaves as ‘Autumn’s prayer flags’. Beautiful and poetic!

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