Stories From Anywhere

I am proud to announce…Tah…Rah!! A book of short stories from Tunbridge Wells Writers.

cover 3a

My regular reader may be interested to learn that the collection includes a fairly long short story of mine, World’s End, and I’m reasonably proud to point out that the cover is also designed by me.

A dozen stories in total, this is available at the moment as a paperback on Amazon (the link is here), and it will be published as an e-book on Kindle fairly soon. Once it is, I’ll put up a new post.

From the blurb on Amazon…Twelve writers, twelve stories. From intrigue in Colombia to bizarre adventures in Italy, from an unusual protest to a prison break in Chile. Get ready for an exciting journey with this collection from Tunbridge Wells Writers… 

51 thoughts on “Stories From Anywhere

        1. There are all sorts of Writers’ Groups. Some set themselves lots of exercises and challenges and do a lot of readings at meetings, some meet up for a few drinks and ‘network’, and lots of others sit in between the two. We usually tend towards the latter, although we produce a few collaborated collections like this one, have occasional presentations and talks, and regularly read and critique each others’ work.

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  1. That’s fantastic Mick. How brilliant to be involved in such a great publication, I’ll keep my eyes pinned ready for the Kindle version as we can’t fit proper books into our bags unfortunately. So it’s a long short one is it? They’re the best type.

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  2. Dear Mick

    Not sure if I replied – I wrote a post and it went – somewhere. Anyway if I repeat myself, put it down to old age. I think its a superb idea and I will definitely order a copy – I am still blown away by the Crocodile story, which you refuse to write a sequel to ( just saying.. )
    As for KINDLE – WHAT??? Wash your mouth out!

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    1. Ha…Kindle is a necessity! half my sales are on that, I’m afraid. So our Writers’ Group collection will need to be on there too, to reach maximum people. I’m not mad on them myself, but lots of people have them.

      I hope you enjoy it, Jackie – there are some great stories on there (and mine!).

      And…no, there won’t be a sequel as such, but there will be more stories about India. That, I can assure you.


  3. Hi Mick. Very many (belated) congratulations to you for another brilliant success! I’m impressed that you designed the cover too – it’s unusual and interesting. With your crocodile book and the wonderful artwork and photography you have produced, you’re certainly going from strength to strength. Big congrats again. Ellie 🙂

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