Very Random Sri Lanka!

Finally, it’s warm and sunny here! Hooray!

So here are a few random pictures I took in Sri Lanka some while ago. So what relevance is there in that? None, really…


I just like the randomness of them.


Lurking Kingfisher…


That, incidentally, is a Cannon Ball Tree.


And that’s why.


And I have no idea what that tree is called, but the strange roots are little more than a hand-breadth wide, and as tall as I am.

37 thoughts on “Very Random Sri Lanka!

  1. Your post reminds me of my visit to Sri Lanka in 2001. I vividly remember the date of the flight as it was the day after the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Being determined not to lose my holiday I didn’t cancel the trip and I certainly don’t regret having visited Sri Lanka.

    I remember hearing the crickets while sitting on the hotel balcony and the gorgeous scent of the vegetation after the rains. Thank you for reminding me of it Mick. Do you actually live there?

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    1. Thanks, Denise. I think kingfishers are really magical. We have very few brightly coloured birds in the UK, but I’ve seen kingfishers there once or twice, and that feels really special. They seem to be more common in Sri Lanka, but it’s no less special to see them.

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  2. Extraordinary trees, Mick – the Cannon Ball Tree looks surreal and alien in nature and the roots of the unnamed tree look like they could be dangerous! Wonderful photos from Sri Lanka – randomness is good at times!

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