A (Temporary) Farewell

I have decided to absent myself from WordPress World for a while.


I frequently need to take a large step back from the world and give myself some time and space to re-charge my batteries, and also to think deeply about the importance I attach to whatever is going on in my life at the moment.

Those things that cause stress tend to assume a greater importance than they probably deserve to, while the things I do for my own pleasure tend to make me feel unreasonably guilty about giving them the time that others might want.

While there is so much going on, and so little time, I seem able to devote less and less of it to either writing blogs or following others. I have noticed I am leaving far fewer comments, and tending to skim read far more than I used to.

Clearly, I need a break.

But while I am doing that,Β I mean to write a number of blog posts without feeling under pressure to finish them by some sort of deadline, so that when I reappear I might have something to post that is worth reading.

Hopefully, I will be able to make progress on my book, short stories and poems.

And the odd painting or two.

See you later.

83 thoughts on “A (Temporary) Farewell

  1. I think we all know where you are coming from, Mick. I hope you do find time to write and paint and release your creative juices in a manner which doesn’t make you feel guilty for doing so. Life is a busy old thing. Take good care – I’m only a ping on FB away if you need me! πŸ™‚

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  2. I completely share your feelings. I stopped blogging for nine months and slowly am crawling my way back. It’s difficult to keep up with reading the many blogs I follow even though I enjoy reading them. I, too, find myself skimming some. I have decided that I will do what I can every couple of days and not stress over not getting to every post. I hope you have a peaceful, reflective break.

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  3. I feel this way too. And I might be coming up ok a short break myself. Blogging is time consuming! Especially for writers whose aim goes beyond blogging. Enjoy your break, and recharge. I’ll look forward to seeing how you spent the time!

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  4. Take care, Mick. It’s good to step back from blogging every once in a while. The demands of interaction can be stressful because even though your readers are not clamoring for posts, there still is that demand. As long as it is productive, it is wonderful – but once it becomes stressful, why live with that? It is something that we all understand.

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  5. I’ve seen a number of bloggers here who respond to a every-day challenge, or believe in the daily exercise of their writing craft, etc. And I can see the value of self-imposed deadlines, to spur yourself to practice writing, but a sense of pressure can be a nuisance and a distraction . Without putting much thought into it, I’d started on WP with a vague goal of writing once a week, but since I’m working for myself, I rarely respond to my reminder emails, or attend the board meetings, and no one can fire me! I think we’re not just allowed to schedule a few sabbaticals, I think it’s a good idea to re-charge

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  6. Enjoy your break, Mick.
    One of the great things about WordPress blogging is that it’s completely up to you when you post and interact. All of us who enjoy your posts will be happy to see you back online when you feel it’s time to get back into it. If you don’t, then so be it.
    I was very intense and almost stressed about it all in 2016/2017, running to post for the timelines, then realized I couldn’t commit to all this stuff I wanted to blog about, so took a step back and now I post when I have time and every so often I lie in bed with a CuppaT and head to the Reader, catch up on recent posts and hit on those folks that I know I enjoy reading, saturate myself with their recent posts, hit a lot of likes, find some new ones and thoroughly enjoy my little morning indulgence.
    I feel as if I’m a fairweather blogger, but I became comfortable with that. If I can join in, I will. One day, when I’m I can’t rush around, I’ll write up all those hundreds of posts, but right now there is a house, garden and a life to run and travel to enjoy whilst I still can do it.
    Blogging is a hobby and a pleasure when I have time.It’s not about the likes for me, it’s more of a diary of things I’ve done, places I’ve seen and what I have enjoyed. That’s how I started it, in my head. It is lovely people have followed me, but my blogging started for my children.
    We all live apart and initially, I wanted my blog as a record of my life and travels for them. Along the way. I gained followers, which is so very nice, but it can’t take over your life.
    Focus on your desires and your enjoyment of life without pressure and have fun during your step away. We will look forward to your return…

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    1. That is a wonderful reply, Vicky.
      It sounds to me as though you have worked out a system that is pretty well perfect for you. You’re absolutely right that most of us (I think – I certainly do) set ourselves deadlines for posting, when none of that really matters at all. Very few people make a living out of blogging, so if you only publish one post a week instead of two, then it doesn’t matter at all. And one quality post is far better than two rushed, mediocre posts.
      That certainly doesn’t make you a fairweather blogger, merely a sensible one! And it is this thing called ‘life’ that I need to give a little more time to, at the moment.
      I will certainly be back, but perhaps not for a couple of months. Things to do, and all that.
      And thanks for sharing all that.

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  7. My thoughts exactly, Mick. I’ve found myself posting only once or twice every month. So much else going on. But so what? It’s not homework. Enjoy. At the end we could always have a joint exhibition of our paintings!

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  8. Mak Wilson

    Just what I’ve done Mike, but I think your blogs will be far more greatly missed than mine. Hope your break clears your head, and you find the path that’s right for you. Lot’s of love for you here, and from me too.

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  9. Totally understandable Mick, good to step back occasionally and take stock. Have a relaxing stress-free break from the online world and take some time to do what you enjoy most. See you soon.

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  10. I’ve not posted on my blog for a year now Mick, and it’s allowed me to really focus on long-form writing again. I keep my hand in with visits to others’ blogs, and respond to comments on old posts of my own, but the breaks have been great for allowing me to work on a broader canvas. All the best, see you around.

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  11. I can relate. At the moment I find myself 5 days behind on reading blogs, and getting ever longer between posts. Some of that is being busy with other stuff, and some just simple blog fatigue. It’s a good idea to go have a real life for a while instead of getting hung up on a vicarious one. Happy sabbatical.

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  12. I hope the break achieves its purpose, Mick. I’ll be taking a shorter one in the near future. We all need to move back from the frenetic life modern tech has gifted us. Good luck with the painting and writing.

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