The Snake’s Head Fritillary – also known as the Frog Cup, the Guinea Hen Flower, the Chess Flower, due to the remarkable patterns on its petals:


The name Fritillary, in fact, derives from the Latin fritillus, meaning dice box (which were formerly chequered). Also known as the Chequered Daffodil, the Chequered Lily, and the Leper Lily, since the flower shape resembles the bell once carried by lepers.

We saw and photographed these beautiful but scarce wild flowers exactly five years ago today at Iffley Meadows in Oxford, which is a well-known spot for viewing them.

16 thoughts on “Fritillaries

  1. They’re fab aren’t they. I had no idea about all those names. Mum loved them and I have plants in the garden taken from her seed. They spread easily here growing by the lawn edge. If you like some seed let me know! Assuming you have somewhere to grow them!

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    1. Thanks, Geoff. We have a couple in the front garden we put in a couple of years ago. And it was probably as cultivated plants they came to the UK – mentioned in Tudor times as garden flowers, but not recorded in the wild until seventeen something.


  2. Aren’t these multinamed flowers beautiful. Only knew the name Fritillary before.

    Their delicate bells with the markings are a delight and I am glad to have some in the garden. Have never seen them in the wild.


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