An Abundance of Greyness

It is a grey, overcast, cool and drizzly August day, and I am feeling particularly flat and uninspired, and disinclined to human company. So in the absence of mountains, what else would I rather do than go for a walk in the woods?


Taking black and white photographs to reflect my mood, naturally…


Loving the Oak trees that seem to somehow look as awkward and as out of sorts as I feel…








Relishing the lushness of the plants that still seem comparatively fresh…


The fantastic shapes of old wood…


The roots that look as though they might attempt to encircle the earth like Yggdrasil, the mighty tree of Norse legend…


The paths…


And the umbels.


36 thoughts on “An Abundance of Greyness

  1. Mick, I’m with you on the grey of Autumn settling heavy on one’s spirits. When the sun shines, the mood lifts a little. Your photos are wonderfully evocative, capturing oak trees as I’ve never seen them, incredibly unique! The wood path looks full of mystery …

    May the sun shine soon, may your spirits lift. 😀

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  2. “Grey, overcast, cool and drizzly” sounds perfectly splendid. I’d be happy for a walk in the woods in those conditions, especially among such interesting trees. The ferns are my favorite; their structure always appeals.

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    1. There are certainly oaks in the Himalaya, Arv, although I’m not certain how closely they are related. The ones in my photos are English, or Pudunculate, Oaks (species). From memory, I think the Himalaya Oak is called the Banj Oak?


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