Why You Should Buy Books (especially mine!)


Hours of pleasure for the price of a cup of coffee in Bigbucks.

Like any other worker, you pay for my time. Only unlike the decorator, say, you only pay for a tiny fraction of the real time spent creating your book.

And what do you get for this investment?

Why, I bring you a whole, newly created world to explore!

I introduce you to people you never expected to meet, without the inconvenience of having to make small talk with them.

Heroes and villains, fools and wise men.

Perchance I will take you on a perilous voyage, yet you will return safely to the shore.

Encounter your deepest fears, and overcome them.

Know love, and disappointment, happy ever after and abject failure.

See through the eyes of the cruel and the eyes of the kind.

And all this for less than the price of a coffee.

And unlike the decorator, I won’t come and tread paint into your carpet, disappear for two weeks to do another job, leave your kitchen a complete mess, eat all your biscuits or drink all your tea.

I mean, really, what have you got to lose?

18 thoughts on “Why You Should Buy Books (especially mine!)

  1. Ishaan Sharma

    Really true. Now of course I don’t have your book yet, so you can very well call me a hypocrite. But I agree that books are worth the investment.
    Sadly, the rise of free pdf of almost every book easily available on the net has led to a fall in sales.

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  2. Well Mick, I’m halfway through the Night Bus (actually, 51% according to Kindle) and enjoying it very much, especially the elements of the mystical and ghostly. But in your spiel today, you mentioned you wouldn’t eat my biscuits or drink my tea, and yet, when I looked up from reading, both of those were gone. Hmmm…not accusing anyone, but…

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