What a great review for Making Friends with the Crocodile!


Making Friends with the -Crocodile

Somali, at: Somali K Chakrabarti has put up such a generous review of my book, Making Friends with the Crocodile, that I am going to spend the rest of the day puffed up with most unreasonable pride! It comes as I battle with the various internet demons to put up a version on Kobo (ready in a couple of days, I hope), and, finally, a Print On Demand version for sale in India.

My biggest worry when I published the book, was that as a Western male writing in the voice of an Indian female, I would not be able to make it sound realistic, but I finally feel reassured by Somali’s review.

It can be found here:Β Making friends with the Crocodile


49 thoughts on “What a great review for Making Friends with the Crocodile!

  1. You deserve it Mick. As she has said in the review you have attempted out of your country or your culture and it doesn’t show that it has been written by someone who has not lived there or experienced it. Am still reading. Nowadays reading a book has become a task that could not be accomplised

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  2. Super review, Mick! You must be very pleased πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read your book when I’m back in the UK this Summer. It’s one of a couple of books I’m really looking forward to reading! As I’ve probably told you before, my great-grandfather was stationed in India, and my grandfather was born there (in Ooty), and got married there in the 1940s. Hearing all his stories as we were growing up has made me curious to visit and explore parts of India some day! As you can imagine, I’ve enjoyed reading your Indian posts on here very much too. D

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    1. That’s great. Yes, you did say that your Grandfather was born there. The book I’m now working on is set in an Indian hill station, although it’s in the Himalaya foothills, rather than Southern India.
      And it is definitely worth a visit!

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  3. I don’t know why you are surprised. Its a super book and it was truly a great read for me ( as I have told you many times..) Looking forward to the Hill Station Book. You’ve had your holiday – no more excuses….. get cracking! πŸ™‚

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  4. What a great review. To be honest, I knew you wrote the book, but until I read this review I hadn’t been rushing out to read it (sorry). Only because I’m so busy (so many books, so little time) and tend to get more immersed in your blog post of your travels. Now I want to read it. Congratulations!

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