Let’s Rid the Internet of Kittens

What is it about the internet and kittens, for goodness’ sake? There are far too many pictures of them.

Okay, that’s too provocative. Let’s move on.


She Who Dislikes Being Referred To This Way has been away for a few days. I had presumed that I would sleep better without the snoring, and the duvet being constantly pulled off me, but I was wrong.

For some reason, I’ve not slept particularly well at all.

Perhaps it was the wild parties I’ve no idea why not.

I had intended to begin a painting, maybe even get it finished, but although I carefully planned said painting, even finding a few resource pictures to use, once I sat down in front of the paper, it just refused to happen. My mind went completely blank and my enthusiasm kicked the wall sulkily for a few moments and then ran out of the house sobbing.

Oh well, back to the writing.

I did have a few ideas for short stories and, because I know how to use my time both productively and wisely, immediately started writing two of them, as well as continuing with both the novels I’m writing. That’s what you’re meant to do, right? Isn’t it?

Oh, and a poem.

And, of course, I need to do research for all the various Tales In Process. Isn’t it amazing what a little bit of research throws up?

Here are just a couple of little snippets, a few gobbets of curiosity, that I have come across recently while researching topics in medieval Persia and India, for use in my #1 Novel In Progress, The Assassin’s Garden.

All of the prostitutes in Fatephur Sikri, India, during the short time that it was Akhbar’s capital, were kept in an area just outside the city called ‘The Devil’s Quarter’.

You do get sidetracked, of course, but perhaps that will be an integral part of the plot? Possible spoiler alert?

I wouldn’t like to say.

And at one point, there is a long journey undertaken in my book, by caravan.

‘Caravan’ is a Persian word, I discover. That seems appropriate. In some parts of Persia they would travel by day and rest by night.

In others, the reverse was true. Something to do with the temperature, I expect.

In the nineteenth century, there were caravans that existed just to transfer corpses to holy cities for burial. These disappeared in the early twentieth century, largely due to better understanding of how diseases spread!

And, obviously, I mean the caravans that are chock full of camels and traders and an ill-assorted collection of ne’er-do-wells, not the wretched giant metal boxes blocking ninety percent of our roads as soon as the weather shows even the faintest promise of a few hours of sunshine.

But enough of caravans, for now, I’ve got some words to beat into shape.

Oh, and there are still people who would prefer pictures of kittens?

52 thoughts on “Let’s Rid the Internet of Kittens

  1. About kittens…… I want to comment on that, but never mind. O)O There are bloggers who post nothing else but pictures of their kittens. I hope they change their topic once in a while. I guess each to his / her own .

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  2. Your mention of “The Devil’s Quarter” indicates that nothing really changes. I remember reading (or perhaps it was on Radio 4), something about a place in Bangladesh where only prostitutes live. Some of those engaged in sex work or prostitution (depending which term one prefers), had been born into it and it was all they knew. There was a description of a young woman asleep with a client and a baby. Whatever one thinks about the rights and wrongs of prostitution, the idea of a young baby in such a situation is very sad. One would hope that children would be kept separate from such activities. As for kittens, I am more a dog person as they do, I believe show more genuine affection than do cats. Kevin

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    1. Unfortunately, society has a habit of confining those they are ashamed of (or who provide a service that so-called decent citizens are ashamed they use) out of sight, although clearly not out of mind. Perhaps we should consider doing that with politicians. And, yes, definitely sad. And as for the rights and wrongs of the thing, there are numerous arguments for both and I’m not getting involved in that. However, the example you mention of those actually born into it, is also exceedingly sad.
      Now, as for the more serious cat vs dog situation, we risk opening a whole can of worms, there. Then it’s cat vs dog vs worm, and we’ll all go mad.

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  3. Yes, I love pictures of kittens. And dogs 🙂 There IS something about them (and of course, dogs!) 🙂
    Moving on, I can’t wait for you to complete The Assassin’s Garden. I love how you are putting time to good use: stories, novels, research and also getting sidetracked in the process. 🙂

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  4. Sounds like your writing is on a roll, Mick. I’m both impressed and jealous! As for the ubiquitous kitten photos, give me kittens any day over the inescapable photos of Donald Trump. Actually, I’d prefer pictures of putrefying slime over DT, or is that a redundancy? Sorry, not kind, not kind at all. I should probably feel bad about that….

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  5. I hope She Who Is Deserving Of All Praise And Honour doesn’t read this post. Just saying.

    No harm in having more than one piece of writing on the go; one will eventually pull away from the others, and that will be the one you stay with.

    And as for kittens on the Internet? Well, I’d be very unwise to deplore that trend.

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    1. She Who Will Read This Very Soon will be having the last word, I’m sure. Well, the novels get worked on almost by rote, but that’s me. I feel a bit stale after I’ve focused too closely on one thing for a while, and need to switch to something else. The short stories slot in as and when.
      And the kittens? Just me being provocative!

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  6. Hmm, a kitten as an assassin in a murder mystery – that’d be a new one. Just mix some poison into the adorable little thing’s fur and send it into a room with someone who posts excessive pictures of kittens on the internet – they wouldn’t be able to resist touching it…

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  7. The rabbit hole of research… and then you find a kitten at the bottom. Why do kitten bloggers follow me? I think it’s a feline conspiracy. They are hypnotising us Mick to do their evil bidding….

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    1. I sometimes wonder, Geoff. I thought it was just me they followed – perhaps there’s just a very large number of them. And as for conspiracy, well, one of our’s seems to be watching me extremely carefully as I type this!

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  8. Staying focused on the actual writing part of creating a novel can be very challenging! But on the other hand, the research is necessary if you’re going to tell a realistic story, and I do think that lots of the tidbits that you pick up when sidetracked turn out to be useful. If you don’t actually use them in the story, they at least contribute to the whole atmosphere of the novel, if you know what I mean. So, even when your research has led you off into a completely different area than you intended, you can still feel good at the end of the day, knowing that you really were working on your book. Or at least that what I always tell myself!

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  9. I envy you your concentration, Mick, to be thinking of so many topics and ‘to do’s’ (even if you do call it side-tracking). I wish my sidetracking was as creative as yours. My ideas for writing don’t penetrate enough for me to produce anything so I have to wait until I get hit full-on in the face by inspiration (or possibly a truck) before I can start writing something that makes any sense.

    As for kittens – I do love them but when confronted by them en masse as on Facebook, I do get pretty fed up with them and tend to bypass them. The same can be said of puppies and photos of other people’s dinners! x

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  10. Mick, I said I’d let you know what Kaspersky doesn’t like about your site:

    1) almostunsalvageable.com
    2) bridgittelesley.com
    3) thetimelock.photos

    You have to sign away your life for each one individually before it’ll let you onto the page. So I did.

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    1. Ah, there’s been an issue with the third one, before. I went over to that site and let my Norton anti-virus look at it, but it seemed perfectly happy. The first one I recognise, I’ll go and look at that but the second I don’t. Perhaps I know them under another name. Thanks, Hariod, I’ll see if I get any odd messages.

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    2. Okay, I looked at both. Norton said both were safe. The first one I follow, but the second I didn’t recognise. I presume they visited at some point, maybe left a ‘like’, but I am slightly suspicious, so I’ll see if i can get any follow-up. If I do, I’ll let you know.


      1. No idea why Kaspersky doesn’t like them, but different security suites take differing views. Kaspersky is very popular, and currently rated best suite, so it’s an irritation you don’t need. Fine commenting from WP Reader of course, as I am.

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  11. Doing the research for projects sounds very interesting, Mick. I’m sure I’d enjoy it. It’s just that second step of actually producing anything that would cause me problems. I admire that you’re able to do that too. Incidentally, the great thing about having a Devil’s Quarter is that it leaves the other three quarters for the angels.

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  12. With you all the way on the kittens, Mick.
    Caravans for the dead: did you know that the monks of old (can’t recall the exact details as I learned what follows when I was 13 years old – that’s a helluva long time ago!) in North Yorkshire used to trek 40 miles across the North Yorkshire Moors to deposit their dead, carried in lead coffins, in the North Sea. The walk is still celebrated (celebrated? 40 miles of moorland?). Anyway, I did it overnight with a local scout troop. I was mad in those days, of course. What do you mean, ‘nothing’s changed’?

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    1. Ah, the ‘Dead Roads’ or the ‘Lych Ways’. Lots of history there, Stuart. they have them also on Dartmoor, and I’m sure some other parts of Britain. Certainly more sensible than carrying dead bodies for several weeks in sweltering heat!

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  13. I think we all have days like this. I’ve been promising myself I’ll finish the faces on my Hans and Greta cover painting, and every time, something gets in the way. And research rabbit holes can have an irresistible allure. 🙂

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