Hiatus – along the Peddars Way

Home again, after a few days away. We walked the Peddars Way in East Anglia over four days, a distance of some fifty odd miles. Not exactly a long long distance footpath, so to speak (Gabe – you might have something to say on this!), but a pleasant enough walk and surprisingly remote from habitation in places.

Perhaps it’s a short distance footpath. And why not?


That should mean I have time to catch up with blogs and posts and writing and God knows what else, but I now have a very busy week ahead of me, so I just have time to bustle in and do a little housekeeping, as it were, only to then bustle out again until the weekend.


Hence a random selection of photographs from the walk.


And an extremely random selection of thoughts:

‘Why on earth is the only pub we pass on the first day – which is a long walk – closed at lunchtime? Other walkers bemoan this fact. They must miss out on a whole load of trade.’

‘Are we all honorary Peddars this week?’

‘I don’t really like staying in bed and breakfast places – it feels too much like borrowing someone else’s room for the night, and I feel I’m imposing on them, even though we are paying to stay there. I’d rather stay in an impersonal hotel.’

‘In all of the huge number of pig farms we pass, the fields are full of little metal houses for the pigs, with straight roads criss-crossing them. Do the pigs give these roads names, or simply number them on a grid system, as in New York?’

‘And do the teenage pigs have to make their own entertainment, or do they expect it to be provided?’

‘Why do large pub chains make their pubs so incredibly unappealing?’


Now I must rush off and attempt to organise myself for the week ahead.

Speak soon!



21 thoughts on “Hiatus – along the Peddars Way

  1. While I prefer the uniqueness of B&B’s, I too feel like I’m imposing… so chain accommodations for me, please. However, chain pubs? That’s just… well, mistaken, in my humble opinion.

    Enjoy your week.

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  2. Good to hear from you, Mick! And I feel the same way about bed and breakfasts. I feel way too much like a house guest, and I’m not especially fond of being a house guest. I’d much rather stay in a hotel!

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  3. I can’t say I’ve stayed in enough B&B’s to have a valid opinion, but I’ve never felt like I was imposing. It’s their choice to host, and I’m likely helping them survive financially. As long as we play by house rules it’s all good.

    That spot where you got that last photo must have been a sight to see.

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  4. My nose started itchin’ recently and now I know why! For what it’s worth, I’ve also been wondering about what constitutes a hike, much less what would be considered a long distance hike. But 50 beautiful miles on a lush trail sounds (and looks) amazing Mick. Glad you enjoyed- and shared with us.

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