28 thoughts on “Tengboche – 4

          1. Not really Mick. When I was young my parents took us to urope to visit ‘back home’, and I’ve been to North Island New Zealand a couple of times, but otherwise just travel within Australia.

            I don’t miss broader travel, particularly these days with everything blowing up around the poor tourist, but I do enjoy good exotica.

            I mostly follow picture blogs. Not really much of an online reader.

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            1. I must get some more pictures up soon, then. I do like to mix up my posts – writing and pictures. Mainly because I wouldn’t have enough of just one or the other to keep myself in blog posts!

              I’ll also have to go off again as soon as I can to stock up on more of those pictures.

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    1. Many parts have their particular local weather systems, Arv. I walked the Annapurna Circuit 30 years ago, and we were told that on one stretch a high wind got up every morning about ten, which happened right on time when we got there.

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