Be Kind



Be kind.

Achieve wisdom and exercise that skill.

The world has always been filled

With angry greedy people.

You cannot legislate them away,

Or hope that they will die out.

The world has always relied on people

Who are kind and wise,

To act as counterbalances to these others.

Unfortunately, the World supply of angry greedy people

Appears to be limitless,

So there will always be a need for kindness and wisdom.


You might just save the world.


32 thoughts on “Be Kind

            1. Ah. Um, it’s not me! But I will send the official request through WordPress and if you find you can still blog that way it would be splendid. If not, you know you can still follow blogs without having one of your own? I have several followers who do that – much the same as you are still able to comment on here although you’ve sealed off your blog.

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  1. Humanity is an odd critter. Sometimes the angry, greedy people can be kind, and the kind people can be angry and greedy. Maybe if the angry, greedy types figured out that the returns on kindness are greater than those of anger and greed, they’d work more on kindness.

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