Sketch n’ Haiku Day

We’ve had all sorts in the last week.

We’ve had cold, bright, sunny days. We’ve had cold snowy sleety days. And today we have lashing rain and wind. It’s milder than it was, but as miserable as sin and the wind still cuts through you!

So here is a sketch for the day – cushions on the sofa to remind me of Nepal, since the top one came from there:


And here is a haiku for the day, to remind me of summer:

Amidst the traffic,

In the still airs above me,

A lark dripping down.

And a thought for the day? Another haiku, to remind me to slow down sometimes:

Obsession with time

Is climbing trees in autumn

To get down the leaves.

And today I begin the first edit for A Good Place – initially reading it through and thinking about the voice, the narration, to see if it works for me. Next, another read to look for flaws in the plot, redundancies, things to add and take out. Finally, try to knock the grammar into shape. If I’m happy with that, then it’s on to the beta readers.

Hope you all have a good day.

15 thoughts on “Sketch n’ Haiku Day

  1. A good day to be inside getting on with things eh? Hope the initial read through goes well and you’re happy with the feel of it. We’re on the slow slow train to Exeter currently on our way to the north Devon coast so trying to catch up on a few things en route.

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      1. In general, no. But for whatever reason, Haiku works for me. Maybe because it’s short, simple, structured, and perhaps a little pithy. Kind of like writing snippets of software code – my old profession. And if you like, each little koan, like a jigsaw piece, can be assembled into a larger picture.

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        1. Ah, ‘each little koan, like a jigsaw piece, can be assembled into a larger picture’. You may be aware that haiku were often linked, making longer pieces. The structure would be 2 lines linking each haiku to the next and whole was called a tanka. Have you ever tried that?

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          1. Well, sort of. Every now and then I stop by Dave Kingsbury’s blog, usually because he’s left a comment on mine. Dave does a lot of poetry and micro story variations, and in one he encouraged his readers to do a progressive tanka that I participated in. He’d start it off and provide the link, then in comments someone would add the haiku and next link, etc. Kind of interesting, I didn’t know about tanka before that.

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