A Sussex Footpath

The sun shone all day.

We took a bus out to the village of Hartfield in Sussex, and had a long walk through the woods and fields, and over a few hills. Spring is certainly here, now. Although there are not yet many flowers out in the countryside, even though there are lots of daffodils and snowdrops and crocuses in the gardens, there is a wonderful fresh green gradually spreading across fields and through the woods.


The land has already dried out quite a lot after winter – unusually, so I think. Probably because we have had a relatively dry winter around here. But even where a little water still stood around in the fields and on the paths, it just gave the sun somewhere to glitter and sparkle.


There were plenty of birds around – tits and finches, blackbirds, thrushes, pigeons, skylarks, buzzards and a hovering kestrel.

We saw the first butterflies of the year: a Brimstone and one or two Peacocks.


There is blossom on the Blackthorn trees, and there were a few flowers out. In places, there were lots of Lesser Celandines, and here and there a few primroses.


Honestly, I cannot think of a better way to spend a day.

15 thoughts on “A Sussex Footpath

  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely walk! I agree, it sounds like the most perfect way to spend a day! The Spring like weather these February days are heavenly and rejuvenating … long may it last! My husband and I took a long walk through woodland and across fields this morning, then spent a happy couple of hours in the garden – and I actually had to water the pots. So true what you write about it being a dry winter. Happy Trails!

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  2. Spring hasn’t really showed up here yet, it’s been an unusually cool February. We even got a little snow this morning. At least we haven’t had the brutal cold that the east/midwest has seen. In any case, your spring weather brings hope to the rest of us, the spring flowers and balmy walks are just around the corner!

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