Lockdown Stream of Consciousness

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Here we are in week whatever it is of Lockdown, and I have to say I’m finding it ever so difficult to dream up a new blog post. It’s not that I’m having any difficulty writing, as I’m making good progress with one of my novels. I timetable my day so I write in the morning and don’t allow myself to look at the internet until after lunch. I go out and walk each day, I’m eating well. And I don’t mind the idea of Lockdown as such, since I’m quite a solitary person at the best of times; fond of my own company and never at my best with groups of people.

When it comes to writing a new post, though, I just seem to dry up. I think one reason for this is the major change to everyone’s lifestyles that this crisis has demanded. Not so much the changes to mine, strangely enough, but those of other people. I look at some of the posts I have partly written and think they seem somehow too trite for today. Some others are about journeys or visits to places I love, and I don’t seem to have the heart to finish them. Perhaps it’s all a bit too raw, too painful. I rarely write political pieces, and have even less enthusiasm at the moment than usual. Again, the politics are either too trite, or just incredibly infuriating. And there are more than enough bloggers covering the infuriating stuff, even if I wanted to.

Write a parody? I do, occasionally. But a parody of the Coronavirus Crisis seems tasteless, and both our inept government and the unpleasant fool in the White House are already parodies of themselves. I could do a humorous one later, I suppose. I might go and see what Bob is up to…

But I don’t feel I’ve anything original to offer at the moment, and I’m generally a subscriber to the school of thought that states if you have nothing to say, then it’s best not to say it.

So I thought today I’d pick a random photograph I haven’t posted before and put that up, and just go with a stream of consciousness, and see where it led me.

It turns out it led me here.

35 thoughts on “Lockdown Stream of Consciousness

  1. Good to hear you’re making progress on your novel! You are way way ahead of me, Mick. I thought I’d set aside this morning, finally, for writing but got mired in trying to apply for unemployment and trying to file taxes. Maybe tomorrow morning!

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  2. I felt that way last week, too. I didn’t feel that I had anything worth saying that wasn’t already said on someone else’s blog, and I didn’t want to write a blog “just because.” So I gave myself an extra day or two, and then wrote when I felt like it, about what I felt. I think you’ve done the same with this, and lots of us can relate!

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  3. Bryntin

    It’s strange. I too am happy enough to be on my own as much as possible but it still seems we need that social interaction, perhaps the random ‘Nice day’ weather chat with another walker or something, just to keep the mental cogs turning over.

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  4. These are indeed strange times in both of our countries, as well as many others. For obvious reasons, I have no trouble at all with the political blogs from the goings-on over on this side of the pond, but oddly it’s the others I struggle with. Humour for my twice weekly humorous posts has been a strain to find, and even my ‘good people’ Wednesday posts have left me feeling drained. I tread cautiously, even with the socio-political writings, for this is not a time to be flippant or to make light of things. It is a time that each of us have our own griefs and must find our own ways of coping. Mine is to call out the injustices, to fight a cruel and inhumane dictator and the gun-toting fools. Anyway … nice picture, but … I have to ask … is that a tree??? Or something hanging from a tree??? Am I the only one who couldn’t tell what it was?

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    1. I’ve no idea whether anyone else worked out what the picture was, Jill. It is a tree, but at the top the trunk appears to have been badly damaged, perhaps by a lightening strike, and since then has clearly seen the attention of woodpeckers and other interested wildlife.

      Yes, drained is a good description. I can certainly identify with that.

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  5. Colin Barrett

    Nice photo’ Mick…I thought it was something from ‘Lord of the Rings’. I’m glad to hear you’re well and making progress on your next book. I think the current situation has affected a lot of peoples’ lifestyles and it will be interesting to see how we come out of it. It would be interesting to hear how Bob is coping and what his views are, I’m sure he has an opinion on it all, come to think of it I wonder about the elves….

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  6. It’s a wonderful shot Mick. I am glad you enjoy what you do. Don’t worry, a blog post is not a compulsion. Even I find it hard to post something everyday, though I got an idea today 🙂
    Take care.

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  7. Ishaan Sharma

    Agreed. I have been posting infrequently too.
    Oh and did you just tag your post with you know what and make a post based on you know what?!?!?😱
    Oh and on a side note, I haven’t heard any news about what happened to the prince who got you know what. Is he healed?
    Checking out Bob would be fun!

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      1. Ishaan Sharma

        So is you know what now to be referred to as Covid 19 on this site?
        Yes I would expect him to get more than just the best treatment.
        So is the gov. Taking it more seriously now that the PM was himself infected? Or did the incident just reinforce their belief that it is just a flu they can heal easily from?

        I look forward to hearing how things with Bob went!

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          1. Ishaan Sharma

            That seems really grave. The cases in India have been growing rapidly. Like you had said, the infection reached teh dharavi slum and spread like wildfire.

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              1. Ishaan Sharma

                At first everything was under control. Most Indians were hopeful India wouldn’t go beyond 10k.
                But some events resulted in a boom of cases. But it is still better than europe and america.

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