Publishing Platforms – 2

My thanks to those who commented on my last post. I have now unpublished both books from Amazon, although Amazon won’t delist them on the grounds someone might want to sell them second-hand through their platform. I can’t do anything about that.

Making paper by hand, Kalimpong, West Bengal (2)

I will shortly re-publish The Night Bus, probably on Lulu, although I haven’t definitely decided on that platform, yet. I’ll do a little more research, first.

As for Making Friends with the Crocodile, I am persuaded to have a go at finding a publisher for it. We’ll see how that goes.

And in the meantime? Writing…

21 thoughts on “Publishing Platforms – 2

    1. Yes, I’m fine thank you, Nicole. I’d decided that it was ridiculous my not buying things on Amazon as a matter of principle but still using it as a publishing platform for my books. Now I’ve unpublished them from there, all is good! It’s just a case of finding new homes for them.

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    1. No, not at all. It was my dislike of their business practices – tax avoidance and shoddy treatment of their employees. I don’t buy anything through Amazon any more for that reason, so reasoned it would be hypocritical to sell through them.

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  1. It’s not an easy world outside the big boys of the oniine world, and they’re all complicit in so much that is going wrong around us. I hope smaller publishers leave you more satisfied, even if sales/exposure aren’t that high.

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  2. These posts caught my attention. I have one novel on Amazon. I plan to direct publish 2 more within the year. Initially, I thought Amazon was a publisher but now understand fully that they are simply the best known platform. Ambivalent about using them again but feel stuck there.

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