The Morning After…

Wow, what a weekend!

After the book launch, the parties!


Oh, and when I looked out of the window to see the streams of bunting all the way along the road, and the swarms of well-wishers gathering outside the house, I was so excited!

Then once I had gone out and signed loads and loads of autographs, I was being chased all over town for interviews by all the big newspapers!

And then I…

Well, okay. That’s not strictly true.

It’s not very true at all.

In fact, it’s not true in even the teeniest tiniest littlest way.

My life does not seem to have altered in the slightest and, actually, I’m glad about that.

070 (2)

Right, now it’s time to get on with the next stage.

I’ve put a link on the image of the book on my sidebar, which goes directly to my book page on Amazon (thanks, Stuart!).

And I’m looking at the best way to create Print on Demand paperback copies of the book, probably by using CreateSpace (lots of recommendations), and hope to have that sorted out in a couple of days. I don’t think it’s too difficult, but my way of dealing with new technology tends to be by shouting at it and slamming doors, so I may take longer than other writers.

But since the release date of the Kindle copy is June 4th, I should have time to arrange for the paperback to be released on the same date.

So, what next?

Actually, it will be great to feel that I can focus on just writing again, and not just constant editing and revision, so it’s back to the long Work in Progress, ‘The Assassin’s Garden’. This has a timeline that stretches from Medieval Persia through Medieval India and the British Raj, through to Edwardian England. It’s already a long novel and nowhere near finished, so I suspect that I might eventually have a trilogy on my hands.

I might even write a short story or two.

Ooh, it’s exciting. I do love this writing lark!

33 thoughts on “The Morning After…

  1. So pleased to hear you are enjoying the experience! I have no doubt the adoring crowds of fans just got lost on the way to your house. It is a marvellous feeling when the editing is done and dusted. Now all you need to do it write, write, write!

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  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who who throws fits over technology. I hate nothing more than when a computer or other gadget won’t do as I command.

    Excited for you that you can return to the writing. Always the better place to be!😊

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  3. It’s exciting to hear that you’re looking at a paperback version as I had begun to think of ways to ‘borrow’ Martin’s Kindle.
    The celebrations sound good, maybe we could do something if you’re coming to Martin’s 50th – fish and chips, and a pint.

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    1. I don’t really do celebrations, Colin. A quiet pint somewhere is more my style.

      I don’t know about Martin’s 50th, yet. I’ll decide nearer the time. It might coincide with my foot operation.


  4. It sounds like things are really moving. I’m excited for you. (By the way, if it ever gets to the stage of doing book signings, get a cute dog. I’ve heard from numerous sources that they bring the punters in.) 🙂

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    1. Not sure I like the idea of my book being signed by a dog – I know what they’re like, they take over and before I know it my book will be re-titled ‘Making friends with the Little Dog Down the Road’ by Fido, or somesuch.

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  5. I love the sound of Assassins Garden. It sounds fascinating and hope we can get to read it.
    I don’t have a Kindle ( wash your mouth out. wretched things) so will have to wait until it is published in paper.. when is that? After 4th June. Do let me know as I want to read it ( I have now jumped topics to your finished book)
    ps… when is your party launch and shouldn’t we all get an invite 😉

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    1. Oh gosh, when? I’ve just had a week of computer nightmares, and so haven’t had a chance to begin the process. I will start it tomorrow (I’ve spent most of today putting files back on the repaired computer) and will post when I’ve done. Launch party? Um, I’ve not really thought of that…

      Assassin’s Garden – I’ve given myself a mental deadline of a year to finish the first book, although I know that won’t really happen!


  6. Sure Mick you will be doing all those mentioned above. And for your next book now you got the experience enough to fasten things up. So no worries. Keep doing what you like and that’s where you find the happiness. All the best and will let you know after I download and read your first book.

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