How India Changed an Englishman

I wrote a piece for The Good Men Project, about my time in India and how I came to write Making friends with the Crocodile’. Sushi Menon kindly edited it to make it readable, and gave it a title, and you can find it here:

How India Changed An Englishman

Making Friends with the Crocodile cover


36 thoughts on “How India Changed an Englishman

  1. That was a great article… not sure why it would need editing! Surely not…?
    I think travel does broaden the mind. Different ways of lives; cultures; thinking. All good for us. Tolerance etc etc. I really enjoy these travel pieces. Do you know what… you make me ” feel brave” for just considering it. :=_

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  2. Wow, good for you! I subscribe to The Good Men’s Project (even though I’m a woman, I have a husband and four sons and so like to keep abreast of what the opposite gender is up to), which I’ve always read on my IPhone. I tried really hard to read your article on my laptop tonight, but was having lots of problems with the page loading properly for some reason. I will be on the lookout when I receive my weekly email from TGMP on my phone. Looking forward to reading.

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    1. Thanks, Kim. Yes, I do have trouble loading the site myself – I don’t know why, perhaps it’s something to do with their servers? I need to link across and then leave the whole thing for five or ten minutes to settle down.

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      1. I tried on my IPhone, had to do a search, found you for a brief moment, and then you disappeared! Not sure what’s going on, but I’ll keep trying 🙂 Maybe patience with the laptop is in order. (Not always one of my virtues.)

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          1. I’ll agree with you Mick! Long way to go on this! I’m surprised to learn with recent study which says 1/3 female students in US universities were subjected to rape! This should be an eye opener for developed countries as well!

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            1. Oh, absolutely! Here in the west we like to think that we are liberal and fair and unprejudiced, but that is all, I’m afraid, bullshit. So much racism, prejudice, hate, exploitation…you name it…all goes on here, too. We certainly cannot claim the moral high ground.

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  3. Love your inclination towards India, when you are back again, let me know. Good analysis and work done by you. Read the gentlemen’s blog. Wish the scene changes for better here when it comes to respect for women.

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