Who Knows Where The Time Goes?


Today’s mood music is early Fairport Convention while I tinker around with a poem about crows and contemplate a painting of the same. Sandy Denny’s wonderful voice should lift my spirits a bit. The climate crisis and the dreaded ‘B’ word just leave me feeling depressed and listless.

Perhaps I’ll read something.

Or go for a walk.

I’ll catch up with everyone sometime soon.

37 thoughts on “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

  1. I’ve stopped watching the news and try to keep away from anything to do with Deprexit. Completely and utterly fed up with all of it. I know it’s important and will change our lives but that can happen without my worrying now. Far more interesting things to do and think about. Music being one of them.

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  2. there are only half-truths around us, mick…the Chinese philosopher lau tzu says do whAt u can, step back…and trust the universe. πŸ˜‘ dnt know if it’s helpful…but hope u find peace soon.

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              1. Heh heh … that’s just what my granddaughter said … “Grannie, from now on I will do the climbing”. And, while I’m grateful … I still feel a loss of … what? Autonomy? Capabilities? Youth? I don’t know … I just know it bothers me to feel that I am no longer … functional. πŸ˜₯

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