Sunday Supplement – 4

I’ve been playing this album for much of the last week. the first I had heard of Sharron Kraus was on Chanctonbury Ring, the album she worked on with Justin Hopper, based on Justin’s book The Old Weird Albion. Joy’s Reflection is Sorrow is filled with beautiful haunting songs in the folk tradition, with more than a touch of otherworldliness about them.

My world is full of paths that are too well trodden at the moment. I suppose everyone’s is, really. All the paths nearby on the common and through the woods are overflowing with dog walkers and families out for exercise and relaxation, and without going further afield it is difficult to find anywhere to walk in solitude. So a longer walk is demanded this week, out to fields and woods and rivers where I know I shall meet hardly a soul.

I think I shall resist posting progress reports on my writing in future, since I jump from project to project and no sooner do I say I’m doing a final edit of x, than I am working on y and have shelved x for the foreseeable future. I have, for example, found great difficulty in finishing A Good Place, revising the plot and the ending for the third time now…

It’s downright embarrassing, really.

I’m finding writing very difficult at present, though, which is one reason I’m not posting on here very often. Like everyone else, I just need to hang in there.

And I’m reading An Indifference of Birds by Robert Smyth.

This is another book about birds, but in this case it looks at how birds see us and how we affect them. And by extension, it looks at how we affect the whole of the natural world, and the enormous damage we are doing to it. But if that sounds horribly gloomy, the book is a delight to read – beautifully written, and filled with observation and information. Do buy it.

And look after yourselves.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement – 4

  1. You seem to have what I often refer to as ‘mind bounce’, a condition whereby my mind refuses to settle on any one thing long enough to write about it. I think ’tis a sign of the world we live in, for much as we might try to shut it out … it refuses to be shut out, but creeps in through cracks ‘n crevices to distract us yet again. Hugs, Mick!

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  2. Thank you for introducing me to Sharron Kraus’ music.

    I’ve always been a writer who slides from one project to another, leaving a good 70% in a state of ongoing stasis while hoping that they’ll be finished “some day.” The world is too fascinating to keep me in one spot for long. Lately (well, the last 4 -5 years here in the U.S.) I’ve also been overwhelmed and emotionally spent. Here’s hoping all of us give ourselves the healing found in long walks and the time to let our projects lure us back in again.

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    1. How superb that you like her music!

      70%? That sounds about right. I still don’t understand why they don’t just finish themselves while I’m busy elsewhere…

      And, yes, I’m sure the changing of the guard will help.


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